How much is your tweet worth?

Rate cards for celebrity-sponsored tweets

Kim Kardashian, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan can now add another title, Celebrity Tweeters, to their resumes. Tweeting for a fee is the latest form of social media engagement and money-churning channels for these celebrities.

Social media pundits and media ratings agencies are at a crossroads on how to measure the effectiveness and return on investments of celebrities tweets. Retweets and tweets exposure are in itself, difficult to measure. So just how effective is celebrity tweeting?

Does it work for all industries?
Charlie Sheen, before all the bad press, was one of the sponsored celebrity tweeters for In an analytical piece by Brian Solis, Sheen’s tweet reached almost 2.2 million followers when it was first published. Was Sheen’s celebrity endorsement for a success? Yes, but it may only work well for industries such as recruitment and human capital markets.

Social Recruiting through Twitter may be the next big thing.
Social Recruiting through Twitter may be the next big thing.

If Kim Kardashian were to tout a restaurant or a slimming product via her twitter account, it would only come across as an advertisement. Would there be a motivation for her followers to retweet it? I doubt so. If sponsored, celebrity tweeting becomes a mainstream form of endorsement, there might be calls for advertising and consumer protection regulations. Perhaps Twitter may have to introduce spam-controlled functions soon.

Do you buy-in to celebrity-sponsored tweets?


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