Delta Air: Where did it go wrong?

Now, another American airline has incurred the wrath of its passengers.

Stars and Stripes, a military-centric news website, reported that Delta Airlines (a government contracted service provider to carry servicemen) had levied a US$200 penalty per serviceman for each excess baggage. Apparently, in the contract, each passenger was only entitled to three check-in bags.

The total excess bags cost the 34 servicemen approximately US$2,800.

In the article, Delta Airlines was said to have apologised for the inconvenience caused and had amended its policy to cater to the situation. A case of too little, too late?

I’ve a few questions though:

  • Were Delta Airlines staff unaware of the potential awkwardness arising from this situation? Weaponry isn’t exactly suitable to be considered as hand-carry baggage, right?
  • Why didn’t anyone from Delta Airlines deem it appropriate to check with a higher-level personnel or its business development or sales team for allowances or exemptions?
  • Despite the protests and apparent unhappiness expressed by the servicemen during the check-in process, why didn’t Delta Airlines do anything then? It seems really odd to not manage the issue on-site and having to issue the apology statement much later as damage-control?
  • Were these servicemen and women aware of their flight entitlements and privileges or were they expecting over and beyond the basics?

This case had resulted in an outpouring of disgust against Delta Airline’s mercenary stance towards its military. All for a mere US$2,800. Was it worth it? You tell me.

Are there any American airlines out there with good service, flexibility and basic communication skills? If you know of any exemplars, please share them.


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