Emirates: A great way to increase customers’ brand loyalty

As a poor student, what matters most to me when choosing a flight (other than safety, of course) is its pricing.

Emirates has been a lifesaver in offering great promotions during winter breaks (for its Australian routes). To add a cherry on the icing, Emirates also has one of the most generous luggage check-in allowances at 30kg for Economy class passengers.

Business class passengers get 40kg allowances while First class passengers, a hefty 50kg. That’s not all.

Economy class passengers can expect to be offered a chance to upgrade their flights to business class at a very good price, ranging from A$150 to A$199.

Emirates' upgrade DM is always a joy to receive

I wonder if business class passengers have a choice to upgrade to First class?

And yes, that’s what I did for my return flight home to Singapore because the amount I’ve saved from the Emirates winter specials AND cargo shipping have been channelled to the seat upgrade. Not only do I now get 40kg worth of check-in allowances and lounge access, I’ll get to have a comfortable flight home.

I am going to try to speak to Emirates’ marketing team to find out more about this promotion, its motivating factors and Return on Investments (ROI).

Stay tuned!


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