Ps & Qs of Social Media – what’s your take on it?

Social media platforms are the best way to stay connected with your friends and be updated on issues that matter to you. But do you know of the Ps and Qs when using these social media platforms?

Now, have you come across a status update from a friend or a photo posted by an acquaintance that made you cringe?

Bitching and whinging have no place in the social media space because no one really cares about whether your bus was late or whether your welfare payment was delayed. Humans are always motivated on what’s in it for them. So, don’t be surprised to find that your Facebook friends may “block” you from appearing in their news stream should you whine too much.

Of course, your real friends would probably care about how you’re doing in life, so that’s why we have mobile phones and email options to keep them updated, no?


How do you fliter through all social media chatter? (Image from Ivanpw)

Now, where do I begin? Twitter, very much like Facebook, operates on a “Penny economy”, where the number of followers and number of “retweets” seem to indicate your popularity. The more, the better right? I am inclined to feel otherwise.

When you’re being followed by say, @dustmitemagic or @emmapanties, are you getting enough traction from your tweets? Enough said.

Granted that every individual has the right to free speech, being measured in your speech within the social media sphere may prevent you from being slapped with defamation lawsuits. Haven’t you read about how a blogger and Google were sued because of a blogpost over a negative fish-head curry food review?

So, tell me:

  • What annoys you most about social media platforms?
  • If you manage a Facebook account for your company or brand, how do you manage your company’s or brand’s Facebook profile?
  • How often do you update your Facebook account?
  • And how do you deal with criticisms?

I am going to research more on QR codes for the next post. If you know anything about it or have an opinion on these codes, pray tell!

Image by: Ivanpw


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