Now, everyone can fly (budget)

(Image by: Kentaro lemoto@Tokyo)

Airasia, a bright star among the Asian budget airlines sector

Have you ever flown on budget airlines?

When I was in Hamburg some years back, the friendly cab driver told me in halting English that he had been to Paris more than 20 times, all thanks to budget airlines. Then, what did I know? I turned my nose up at budget airlines, believing that their safety standards and comfort are compromised for the low fares they were charging.

But times are changing, my friend.

AirAsia and ANA (All Nippon Airways) are said to be collaborating on a budget airline in Japan. AirAsia, one of the first Asian budget airlines to introduce long-haul flights to London, has been one of the brighter stars in the budget airlines sector.

With Japan’s inter-state travel is heavily dependent on its reliable Shinkansen lines (operated by Japan Railways), it is reported that budget airline travel within the country only accounts for 10% of the extremely lucrative budget travel pie.

The collaboration between ANA and AirAsia will see more flights routes being panned out for local and international routes from Japan’s Narita Airport.

Did I also mention that AirAsia has one of the most responsive and active Facebook accounts among its peers?

Screen shot from AirAsia Singapore’s Facebook account

Looks like this project between ANA and AirAsia’s collaboration will be taking off to a soaring, good start pending the regulatory kinks to be ironed out.

Oh, have I ever flown on budget ever since? Of course…even though I’ve since blacklisted Tiger for its lacklustre customer service and consistent flight cancellations and delays.

So, do you have a favourite budget airline carrier? (P.S: My favourite budget carrier is Jetstar!)


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