The Management of Me

So, I found an old newspaper cutting I have kept on my ex-company where I’ve spent the happiest time of my working life. Not just that, two of my ex-bosses and mentors were featured in the article.

Nagi and Kim Yin were the first male bosses I’ve worked with and it was a refreshing change working with and for them.

While working with them, not only did I learn much about investments, people skills and the energy & resources space, I’ve also been exposed to their leadership and mentoring. Through them, I learnt more about myself, managing my emotions (still need more improvements in that dept) and hopefully, grew a little wiser.

The two mentors were honest and open, which made for a very strong working relationship. It came to a point where I wanted to do more and better for these two bosses and nothing else matter. Okay, I exaggerate but yes, that was quite close to how I felt.

Research has always shown that a large part of employees’ satisfaction came from their working relationship with their direct supervisors. I was lucky, I got double dosages of that satisfaction and joy. I’ve never dreaded a day of work while I was working under Kim Yin and/or Nagi.

Till this day, after leaving the company for more than 4 years, I still get a little teary-eyed thinking of the conversations and little moments shared.

Today, I am working in an entirely different environment and have been fortunate to have a different kind of goodness with my managers.

I am always grateful for the good people in my life, no matter how short the moment lasted.


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