Today, I am grateful (again)

Melbourne, view from the Docklands

Melbourne, view from the Docklands
Photo credit: Maneka K

Three years ago today, I was alone in Melbourne, trying to look for a casual job for any income that would pay for my lodging and day-to-day expenses. I don’t remember how I made it through. Somehow, the Universe provides.

I don’t remember how little I had then. What I do remember were the quiet joy I had derived from being alone; the homemade meals I’ve made from scratch and the kick i got out of snagging a good deal at Coles or Woolies. I learnt that I could get by with very little (think A$40 a week!).  More importantly, I knew that the human psyche is inherently resilient yet forgetful. Forgetfulness ensures that we don’t stay depressed for too long. I always knew I had to go on despite the constant thought to want to give up.


Today, I am grateful because I have been through the worst. And if the worst happens again, I know for sure that it will not be the end of the world. The end of the world can only happen if I stop believing in the possibilities of the future. People will always disappoint and I have learnt to not let my joy be defined by these disappointments.

2014 will be amazing because I have overcome.


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