Goodbye, February…


Growing old together is a challenge these days  (Geelong, Victoria)

Hello, March.

Time flies when you’re busy living. Sometimes, we don’t remember why we are busy or what are we living for. Saying goodbye to February had once again, highlighted the brevity of life to me.

I spent the last day of February attending the Asian Financial Services Congress and after that, attended a seminar  Creating An Ethical Culture Across The C-Suite by Professor Paul Argenti (from the Tuck School of Dartmouth). It was an amazing day that had me learning about Bitcoins, Feathercoins, Ethics and values-based leadership.

Everyday should be like this – learning, applying and developing new ideas to improve how we live and work.

About suffering they were never wrong,
The old Masters: how well they understood
Its human position: how it takes place…
Auden in Musee des Beaux Arts

Today, I learnt the importance of being decisive and tough-hearted. Not everyone deserves a piece of me, a sliver of my time nor a nugget of my affection.

People will always disappoint but how I manage this disappointment is the crux of the matter. I will turn this disappointment into fodder for my energy source; convert these negative, little kilojoules of self-arsed vibes from you little man into positive energy to radiate my path into the future.

What I am really saying is, it is fine if you want to abuse my time, trust and efforts. Just be very sure that you will never need my help or sympathy in the future; because you will be getting none of it from me anymore.


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