Suicide & Money

Mrs Tiong was my Mandarin teacher in primary school. She was patient, encouraging and an inspiration.

I sometimes bumped into her at the wet market. She often looked like she was in a hurry and we never spoke more.

My brother recently told me that Mrs Tiong had committed suicide. Her husband is a gambling addict and she sold all her assets for him. Her actions angered her only son so much, he had severed all ties with her. Did he do that because he wanted those assets to himself? Or was he mad because as you would know, gamblers don’t change until they are in their graves.

Mrs Tiong,  may you rest in peace. To live is to suffer. You may take this path out of depression but may your son be able to redeem this guilt and lose that anger.

My mum once told me that she had contemplated committing suicide; but not before throwing my brothers and I down from our apartment block when I was 8. Post-natal blues, I guess.  Luckily, as a fat kid, I told her that if she could carry me off the ledge then could she do that. Obviously I was that fat.

I want to change the way this society works. I want to rid this world of irresponsible licensed moneylenders.

I want to offer a kick-ass moneylending programme that helps raise awareness on financial management.

Now, let me work on my business plan.


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