::: How to deal with parasitic, obnoxious & selfish nincompoops :::

The most useless person in the world is often, also the last one to die because his parasitic mindset, reckless and selfish behaviour kills off everyone before he, being the parasite, has nothing more to leech and freeload from.

What can we do with such parasites since they won’t die before we do? The only way is to disengage and be indifferent. Curse the day he was born should it make you feel better sometimes. But do not stay angry for too long; for the anger may become poison internally and kills you off faster than the parasite will.

Avoid eye contact but if you get eye contact, stare so hard that your sight burns through that numbskull. Offer no help because the leech of a parasite will never appreciate nor return anything. I repeat, OFFER NO HELP. Not even if he is dying or begging for a drop of water. Parasites have zero conscience nor morals. Parasites such as this one breed only latches onto its hosts and morphs into a bigger parasite if he sees any form of alms coming his way.

It is true we come into this world with nothing and will leave with nothing – even so, your abundance should go to people who deserve it. People you care about. People who can make better use of these resources you worked so hard for.

Eventually though, this parasite will be ridden to a place so low that even Hell refuses him as a tenant. Should he be reincarnated, may he always be the roach that attempts to hide from the wrath of our feet. Or the flea that never finds a home.


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