The Strange Dynamics Among Girls

I have very few friends. But the few friends I have are very precious and dear to me.

Each girlfriend complements a part of me. Some bring out the argumentative streak in me while some bring out the big sister (or big mama) instincts. However,  I love all of them dearly in my own different ways.

I used to have a criteria for people I want to befriend… and keep as friends.

As I grew older, I learnt about energy, law of attraction, fate and many unexplained theories of this amazing world. It seems that sometimes, perfect strangers become friends because in their past lives,  the bonds formed have yet to dissipate. Remember the movie, 21 grams?


Sometimes, the best friendship is the one where you can be comfortably silent and still feel like ypu've spent quality time together.

The most beautiful part of my relationships with these girls is that I am never jealous or envious of them. They are beautiful,  have successful careers and cute babies. Somehow, they have become an extension of me. When they are happy,  I feel happier.

When they feel down or are unwell, it hurts me even more because I feel helpless that I cannot make the bad go away.

We fight sometimes too. But we always make up because true friendships heal themselves and survive even the coldest war.


As humans, we need people to care about and to be cared for.

I am thankful that the friends I have have become sisters; sisters that I have never had in this lifetime.


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