An Open Letter to That Sad Little Asian Man

Date: 23 Apr 2014
Time: 1030ishpm

I met with my friends at Plonk, a food & wine outlet at Serangoon Gardens. We sat along the bar counter overlooking the road. As there were 5 of us, we pulled the bar stools into a semi-circle since the dinner crowd had thinned out and all the surrounding shops had closed for the day. Except for the other wine bar beside Plonk.

You came walking from our back, shuffling your heavy feet and shouted very rudely, “‘Cuse me!”.

I got off from the stool to let u pass even though there was sufficient space for u to turn sideways. But you refused to be flexible and while walking through, shouted,  “This is a walkway, you know!!”.

Dear Little Angry Asian man, of course I know it is a walkway. I had stepped down to let you pass. There was an alternative path 3 steps away along the pathway but you insisted on squeezing through with your large bag and plastic carrier. You must have had a tough day at work. Or you may have an unhappy life working to pay a mortgage to live in one of the landed properties within the area. But your anger at not being able to pass through was uncalled for.

I just want to tell you that whoever you are, you must be one of the most unlovable person to be with. Or to work with. Or to have as a parent, manager or  a partner.

You have blinders on that prevent you from seeing other better solutions. Imagine that such a small thing could rile you that way!

I wish you had turned back when I retorted: “You didnt have to walk here!”. I would glare so hard at you to show you that your passive agressiveness is not welcomed here! Your small mindedness speaks to the little space and generosity you have for others…and yourself.

Yes, I was annoyed at your behaviour but I wish you happiness and peace after my death stare had served its purpose.

Your whole face and disposition speak of languish, self-hatred and dispassion towards life. I wish you had awesome friends like I have to spend the evening with. Maybe you won’t hate life that much if you actually have friends who accept you as you are.

I wish your children and wife do not have to put up with your negativity and misery.

I wish you could let go of things and situations that you cannot control and seek better alternatives. Especially when it involves a big Asian girl like me because I will not back down if you rub me the wrong way.


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