Hello from San Francisco

Hello World. Thank you for being kind to me so far.

I have finally managed to kick Jetlag’s butt today. I am extremely excited to be in San Francisco; I feel as if the Universe had come together to bring me here.

Having been selected to present a white paper I have put up on Brand and Corporate Governance, representing the Singapore Management University along with 26 other members universities, I sometimes wonder what else I should be doing to expand my knowledge and interests.I want to write a book! I want to run a cafe! I want to travel some more!

My entire heart is filled with gratitude and joy, being able to take time away from work and school to take in a new city. I worry about the upcoming presentation deck, exams and assignments from school and work; but a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. Life only happens once.

It is funny how I always wanted to live, work and study in the United States when I was younger. But being here today, in San Francisco, truly cemented the notion (for me, at least) that not all that shines is good.

I love the accessibility to fresh and healthy food options that San Francisco offers. I love the cold, foggy air. I love the cable cars, the old world charm, the architectures of buildings risen before my time. Maybe it is because I am an Asian. My mind picks up Asian fellows. I watch them getting by. I watch them falter. I sense the struggles in their eyes.

Living on Nob Hill, every morning I would see the elderly Asian folks struggling up the hills. They are always alone, wearing an empty look on their faces. Then there are the homeless Asian people. That Asian garbage collector crossing O’Farrell street with me; the man who left his country for a better life but struggles daily to make ends meet in his adopted city. The North Asian homeless man who stood on Market Street asking for spare change. Is it worth it?

Would these individuals be happier being with their families even if their pockets were empty? It is anybody’s guess.

I renew my sense of gratitude at having everything I have today.

My constant source of gratitude stems from:

  • Having my grandma (the only surviving grandparent I have!) and parents (their health and wellbeing),
  • my nieces and nephew (such joy they bring me!),
  • the graciousness of my managers to foot the bill for my upcoming exchange programmes AND supporting my Master programme,
  • the peace I’ve acquired from being alone. I love this solitude. The ability to connect with my thoughts, the space to just be.

Do you have a list of what you’re thankful for today? Don’t wait to take stock of what’s awesome in your life.

Now, let me get back to what’s burning on my mind. 1 presentation deck, 1 exam to prepare for and another Application paper all due at the same time.


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