What Is Your Price?

“What is more humiliating than finding the object of your love unworthy?”
Jeanette Winterson, The Passion

When I started travelling by myself, I love getting lost in museums. Museums carry with them… history and stories other than art.  I can’t claim to know art but what I do know is, if I like a piece of art, it holds a value to me.

What I value, I will not bargain for a discount. Asking for a discount from a piece of creative work (not just art per se) is tantamount to saying,  “I think you are good but nope, you’re not worth me paying the price you think your work is worth.”

What makes such behaviour irksome and insulting is to know the professional, marked-to-market benchmarks and still expecting an artist, a fellow professional to bend over backwards just because one thinks the world of his own opinions and has-been experiences?

When I was a casual database editor in Melbourne, I was paid A$20.86 hourly. My job was to edit content for educational institutions and craft relevant keywords for SEO. I could hit 200 entries or more per hour while my fellow colleagues managed between 8 to 30 per hour. In the end, I was the only resource required to run the online system because I was able to offer the best outcome for the price the company felt was fair.

Today, this ideal of fairness is lost on indecisive decision makers who only hear their own voices. They saw the speck in the other person’s eye but not the log in their own.

Another lesson learnt.


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