Today, I shall begin working for a different outcome

I am more resilient than i give myself credit for.

Looking back at all the occasions where I have to step up to do more or deal with a crisis, I counted many times where even at the end of a tunnel, I have not given up.

Resilience comes with resourcefulness, perhaps. I am always full of ideas and while not all are great ideas; some of them do provide a better alternative.

Nothing could get me down when I am on a mission.
I fight for the forgotten. I speak up against the Powers-to-be because I know I can make a difference. I am not afraid to be an outcast because I know who my friends are.

I am willing to be the sacrifice if I could speak up for the rest who can’t or are afraid to.

I will not explain myself to those who judge through their lens of bias-ness, self-righteousness. There is nothing to explain when the other party does not want to listen.

I am good at reading people. My sensitivity is often hidden because I prefer honesty to covering up the truth.

And you… You told me I need to be more proactive. And I know what goes on in your petty little mind.

My proactiveness does not come in the form of chasing down answers nor banging on the door. My proactiveness is seen and felt through my conversations and time spent with my stakeholders. My relationships with my stakeholders outlive projects and products.

My understanding of the social construct within this unique, shared sphere is deep and wide. I am proud of the answers I hold because they were learnt through a tough time of self-discovery.

So yes, I have decided that I must focus my time and energy for positive outcomes. I deserve better because I have so much to offer and give.

Thank you for showing me how it is like to be marginalised. I have never been treated this way and i know, I will never forget this feeling. It will help me be a better humanitarian; colleague, friend and manager.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reflect on my development gaps – I am eternally grateful to be able to learn how to better improve myself.

I wish you well.

I will always be living better and happier because i deserve it.






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