Daily Gratitude Practice


Today, I am thankful for:

– Having a mirror in unpleasant and unprofessional people to guide me as to how I should NEVER be, be it with colleagues or external business partners, whether they are more junior or otherwise

– having the courage to speak my mind and be truthful to people without the fear of repercussions. I will never be truly free if I have to hide my feelings even though i know that the truth is always painful to hear.

– recognising that apologies have to be sincere and meaningful. An apology is not a defensive tool. I am thankful to be aware of the differences and will honour my apology as what it is meant to be.

– being aware of my limitations so that I know how I can best improve myself. My lacks and failures serve to only make me more aware that there is much to learn and acquire in life other than bags and shoes!

– my mother’s constant presence in my life. She is so precious and I want to be able to give her an even better life.

Also, I am very grateful for my thick-skinned and strongheaded mentality…it has provided me with much buffer against the ugly behaviour I am subjected to… it is also useful to my resourcefulness in finding solutions.

What an amazing day to learn how to be a better person, one day at a time.


Little Woman

You think everyone is after the same things as your little mind and empty soul desires.

You plot and scheme against others you find as threats to glorifying yourself.

Your insecurities are as obvious as those zirconia earrings you claimed as diamonds.

You are sad, pretentious and a false believer of Christ.

I reject your brand of “leadership” for as long as I share the same space with you.

Now, get lost and stay lost.